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Tracking and Reporting

cri icon transparent4 expense management and tax gross-up services offer efficient administration of relocation expenses and reimbursement programs, ensuring your relocation dollars are effectively managed and wisely spent. CRI helps minimize the disruptions often associated with relocation by managing and uploading data into the client’s accounting, payroll, accounts payable, and human resources departments.

CRI reimburses or pays the relocating employees’ relocation expenses, including equity advances on a weekly basis. We also audit and pay weekly the service providers’ invoices. CRI calculates and reports tax gross-ups to your payroll department so they can make appropriate tax payments to the IRS. We also track and report interim and year-end expenses to the client and to the transferee


Payroll Reporting

We provide financial and non-financial reporting and tracking throughout the disbursement process. Expenses are passed through our Tax Gross-up application in order to produce Payroll Transmission Reports (PTR) and Relocation Tax Reports (RTR).

expense tracking

Expense Tracking

CRI reimburses all relocation expenses globally in multiple currencies. We act as the central point for collecting, auditing, paying and reporting all executive relocation expenses. Additionally, we process tax gross-ups and perform a year-end true up.


Tax Gross-Up

CRI calculates tax gross-ups in accordance with established parameters and processes gross-ups to perform a year-end true up. We process gross-up calculation and return a payroll transmission report for entry into your payroll system.

lump sum

Lump Sum Administration

CRI can coordinate and administer all lump sum and managed lump sum program policies.





home equity

Home Equity Distribution

CRI coordinates all equity advances and payments. Our ability to manage equity disbursements allows transferees the flexibility to begin the home purchase process without waiting for disbursement of final proceeds.


Program Dashboard Reporting

All functions of CRI expense management process are available real-time and delivered in a customized dashboard for easy access and line of sight into all relocation costs, performance scorecards and key performance indicators.

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