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Global Destination

The Corporate Relocation Intl. global home search process assists the assignee in locating appropriate housing which is consistent with executive relocation service standards and in line with the needs of the assignee and family. The CRI program offers local personal guidance to provide information about the area and the amenities which will be important for the family in getting settled in as quickly as possible. Our local representative will ensure the property’s availability and will help negotiate the terms and parameters of the lease. Together with the CRI International Consultant, our local representative will be available 24/7 to address any specific needs or concerns.

Cross-Cultural and Language Training

Corporate Relocation Intl. can coordinate a variety of cross-cultural programs such as Living Abroad, Working Abroad and Youth Abroad. Through our network of cultural trainers, these programs can be delivered to the assignee and family prior to departing or post-arrival in the new location. These programs are designed specifically for each assignee and their family members. In conjunction with our professional language training partners, CRI can arrange for varying degrees of training in either the home country prior to assignment or in the host country upon arrival. Language training can be tailored to the employee’s business needs, spouse’s social needs and/or children’s needs. Linguistic training may also be provided by a personal trainer, training facility or online (if available) in each location.

Orientation and Settling-in Services

Corporate Relocation Intl. can assist assignees with destination services in the host location. The assignee will participate in an accompanied area orientation tour of the new location, conduct home finding, and receive assistance with settling-in to help them acclimate to the new location. The following list describes the types of tasks that the destination agent could assist the assignee with:

  • Pre-departure counseling with on-the-ground agent
  • Welcome kit of information on the new location
  • General information on how to be optimally prepared for the assignment
  • Area orientation tour to include area neighborhoods
  • Introduction to the expat communities
  • Assistance with applying for local documentation/registration
  • Assistance with obtaining host country driver’s license (where applicable)
  • Assistance with opening a local bank account
  • School search assistance
    • Providing information about area schools
    • Setting school appointments
    • Accompanying the assignee during school interviews
  • Home finding assistance with locating and renting a home
  • Negotiation, review and renewal of tenancy agreement
  • Settling-in assistance with connection of utilities, telephone, doctors, medical facilities, etc.
  • Six months of support from destination service provider in host location

Ongoing Assignment Support

Our relocation company’s ongoing assignment support services are highly customized to assist the assignee and family in managing, not only the day-to-day details of living in a foreign country, but also the country specific requirements associated with signing a lease, security deposits and payments of utilities and rent. Depending upon the corporate culture and requirements, Corporate Relocation Intl. can assist with the management and payment of these and all ongoing expenses throughout the term of the assignment including school tuition payments, auto allowance payments, hardship allowance payments, security and SOS payments and every detail and cost associated with the assignment. With this service, CRI can manage a formal lease termination and return of security deposits, as well as assist the assignee with disconnection of utilities and deregistration from the host community.

Repatriation Coordination

Corporate Relocation Intl. offers repatriation coordination for assignees returning home and re-acclimating themselves back to their familiar culture. A successful repatriation must first begin when planning the term and requirements of the assignment. Without this planning and preparation, many assignees report difficulty in getting readjusted both personally, but more importantly, within their corporate culture. CRI understands the unique challenges a family will encounter repatriating back to their home country. We will use our experience and expertise to manage their counseling, visa/immigration processing, shipment of household goods, host location departure services and handling of all the necessary details to ensure a seamless transition as they return home.