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Global Departure

Candidate Assessment

Corporate Relocation Intl.’s relocation services offer our clients a wide variety of candidate assessment solutions ranging from online evaluations to personal interviews. The goal is to determine the suitability of the employees and their families to successfully complete an international assignment. Corporate candidate assessment continues to focus heavily on an employee’s flexibility, adaptability and leadership skills as key indicators of their potential ability to adapt to a new environment. Understanding the role that their family plays in the success of an international assignment, the CRI program focuses on total family buy-in by assessing and evaluating the likelihood that this will be a successful experience not only for the employee and family, but ultimately, for our corporate clients.

Assignment Cost Estimate

Based upon policy and assignment requirements, Corporate Relocation Intl. manages the development and administration of the cost estimate process. After completion of the cost estimate, CRI provides insight and budget management guidance for both the transferee and the corporate client. The cost estimate is the blue print for maximizing policy benefits and establishing the total global cost boundaries for both the employee and the corporate company. Upon completion and approval of the cost estimate, CRI prepares and circulates the assignment letter outlining the corporate commitments and the transferee’s obligations.

Visa and Immigration

Corporate Relocation Intl. has the ability to centralize, coordinate and manage global immigration services to include the procurement of business, visitor, transit, work and residency visas. Upon authorization, CRI will have the immigration provider work with the employee to assist with the paperwork required to comply with host country laws/regulations. Once the paperwork and legal documents are complete, the immigration provider will identify the best approach for filing and continually track the status until the visa(s) is approved. Working in conjunction with our immigration provider, CRI will maintain and track visa/passport expiration dates to ensure the corporate client remains compliant while the employee and family are living and working in the host location.

Global Compensation/Benefits Services

Corporate Relocation Intl.’s Global Compensation and Benefit Service provide a proven, organized process for managing compensation with global taxes. Details of this service include: disciplined process for managing compensation and keeping in step with global tax compliance.  Details of this service include:


  • Preparation of assignment cost estimates
  • Coordination of assignment allowances with compensation data provider
  • Coordination of home and host country tax calculations with tax provider
  • Preparation of Letters of Assignment
  • Preparation of Initial Assignment Balance Sheet

On Assignment

  • Apply for U.S. Certificate of Coverage (CoC)
  • Distribution of U.S. Certificate of Coverage (CoC)
  • Maintain and track CoC expiration dates and apply for renewals if extension is required
  • Preparation of ongoing Assignment Balance Sheets
  • Coordinate hypothetical tax calculations with tax provider
  • Coordinate and maintain allowances as updated with compensation data provider
  • Administration of initial payroll instructions (U.S. and Non U.S.)
  • Establish and administer split payroll
  • Ongoing compensation accumulation and reconciliation
  • Shadow Payroll
  • Host Country Tax Payments
  • Year end payroll reconciliation
  • Coordinating/Administering Tax Equalization (TEQ) payments with tax provider


  • Facilitating end of assignment payroll instructions
  • Compensation accumulation and reporting
  • Maintain tax eligibility and coordination of eligibility with tax provider
  • Providing Annual compensation services as required.
  • Administering final TEQ payments

Cost of Living Calculation

Corporate Relocation Intl. can create internally or work with firms who specialize in developing cost of living (COLA) reports. These reports are centered on the expatriate assignee’s income/spending habits to ensure that he/she is compensated accurately. It is important for the assignee to have complete confidence in this process so that they can fully comprehend the financial impact and benefits of being on such an assignment.