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Expense Management / Financial Services

Expense Tracking and Reporting

Corporate Relocation Intl. is able to reimburse all executive relocation expenses both domestically and globally and to directly disburse these expenses to the transferee in multiple currencies.   Our relocation company becomes the central point for collecting, auditing, paying and reporting all executive relocation expenses according to each client company’s employee relocation policy.  Weill process tax gross-ups and perform a year-end true up and global reporting. CRI is also able to provide detailed cost reporting based upon a predetermined schedule.  Our clients are provided access to view this information and run detailed reports via the online client portal.

Home Equity Disbursements

Corporate Relocation Intl. coordinates all equity advances and payments for your employees. Our ability to manage equity disbursements allows our customers the freedom to make offers and begin the home purchase process without waiting for disbursement of final proceeds at the closing table. Our competitive (and often interest-free) funding and our multiple reimbursement options provide CRI customers with flexibility and cost savings which enhance their executive relocation experience.

Tax Gross-up Administration

Corporate Relocation Intl. calculates the employee’s tax gross-ups in accordance with our corporate clients established parameters and processes gross-ups as necessary to perform a year-end true up. CRI will process the gross-up calculation and return a payroll transmission report to the company for entry into their payroll system. For the year-end process, CRI begins communications with the client toward the end of October, and then we put together a formal schedule according to the current year payroll summary.

Payroll and Tax Reporting

Corporate Relocation Intl.’s location services software and systems are completely integrated which enable us to provide financial and non-financial reporting and tracking throughout the disbursement process. Expenses are passed through our Tax Gross-up application in order to produce Payroll Transmission Reports (PTR) and Relocation Tax Reports (RTR).