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Client Services & Consulting

Policy Design

Our team of Corporate Relocation Intl. experts will work closely with you to assess your company’s employee relocation policy needs, concerns and goals. We will also work to ensure that this executive relocation policy is competitive and supportive of your corporate culture/philosophy and business objectives. Our consulting group will perform the following services:

  • Review current employee relocation policies
  • Benchmark
  • Make specific recommendations
  • Discuss employee relocation policy options
  • Provide ongoing relocation service reviews and consultation

By working closely together, CRI will help design a user-friendly, well-written executive relocation policy that facilitates greater client satisfaction by providing relocating employees with the resources necessary to make their move as stress free as possible. We cost-effectively arrange, manage, and provide the move-related services which your employees want and need.

Program Administration

Corporate Relocation Intl. will send you an in-house team devoted to developing an in-depth understanding of your corporate culture, policies and programs. In this way, we can best administer your employee relocation program in a way that satisfies your expectations and reflects your corporate DNA.

Industry Best Practices

Corporate Relocation Intl. keeps its clients abreast of significant developments in the field of employee relocation by sending them informative email alerts and quarterly white papers. We provide each client company with a dedicated Operations Team to manage daily account activities and a Client Services Manager who serves as an employee relocation industry advocate by providing then with training and policy/program benchmarking services as needed. One of the executive relocation services that this Client Services Manager provides is to meet face-to face with the client company regularly to update them on current industry trends and to discuss impact on their own specific needs.

Group Move Services

Our relocation services focus on helping your company and employees plan and proactively prepare for all the variables associated with moving. We provide instruction and assistance with advance planning, policy development, cost estimates, departure/destination economic impact studies, budget development, cost management, setting up resource centers, orientation workshops, area tours, and attrition goals/planning. CRI serves as a strategic executive relocation partner in all aspects of your company’s growth and expansion as we lead with the required due diligence.