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Corporate Relocation Intl. has used our experience and expertise in relocation services to develop a fully integrated information infrastructure to support our productivity, accuracy and accessibility.  Our user-friendly web services make it easy for our corporate clients, relocating employees and relocation suppliers to go online and see the details and parameters of their service agreements, utilization levels and costs in real time.

Portal Intended User Our Service
MoveCoordinator Transferees
  • Communicate via email with their CRI consultant
  • Submit expense forms for reimbursement
  • Manage their relocation calendar/view related documents
  • View their authorized service information
ClientCoordinator Client Administrators
  • Authorize relocations
  • Reference their document library
  • View status reports or run/export their own Crystal Reports
  • View-only access to our “live” US Domestic and Global Assignment Management applications
  • View respective relocating employee information in true “real time” (such as service statuses, dates, correspondence logs and file notes)
VendorCoordinator Relocation Suppliers
  • Track and manage transferee relocation information

Our client administration, transferee and supplier portals, collectively referred to as CRInet, are able to communicate seamlessly with our internal applications. This functionality allows any system user (internal or external) to holistically view our relocation services and costs.

Client administrators, through our ClientCoordinator portal, have the ability to authorize relocations, utilize our document library, view status reports and/or run/export their own Crystal Reports.

CRI also provides our corporate clients with view-only access to our “live” US Domestic and Global Assignment Management applications which enables them to view their respective relocating employees’ information about service status, dates, correspondence logs and file notes in true “real-time”.

In the same way, CRI assigns the relocating employees their own portal via our MoveCoordinator which they can access to directly email their CRI consultant, submit expense forms for reimbursement, manage their relocation calendar and view their own specific documents and authorized service information.

Corporate Relocation Intl.’s VendorCoordinator portal provides relocation suppliers with applications within our secure web portal to help them track and manage transferee information.

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CRInet provides corporate clients, transferees and relocation suppliers with well organized,
online relocation services which are easy to understand and access.

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