elitemove Elite Fleet

As a whole, the agency model of the household goods industry is in a state of uncertainty like never before, the full impact on corporate sponsored, and general public (COD) moves remains to be seen. This speaks to the advantages of the CRI “Elite Fleet” model where the industries best drivers and service teams can remain focused on serving our customers.


CRI’s household goods business model is unlike any other. Our model is not a referral to a moving company but rather the appointment of a driver/partner who has displayed quality and integrity and who has proven results. Model partnerships have been created with the most respected drivers and carriers worldwide. We refer to these partners as our “Elite Fleet”. Agreements include quality service guarantees, with a focus on shipping, billing integrity and customer satisfaction and in most cases have been in place 20 years. We are not affiliated with any carrier nor do we guarantee any carrier a certain amount of business. This allows us the freedom and flexibility to utilize the best drivers and the best agents in the industry.

What we do know about the agency models are this:

The CRI “Elite Fleet” model will continue to offer our clients great service with consistency, reliability and cost competitiveness.