Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown

The shutdown of the United States Government began at midnight EST on Saturday, December 22nd, 2018 and is now the longest shutdown in US history. This is having an impact on many sectors but one being watched closely by the mobility industry is the impact on mortgages.

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Household Goods Update

Elite Fleet

As a whole, the agency model of the household goods industry is in a state of uncertainty like never before, the full impact on corporate sponsored, and general public (COD) moves remains to be seen. This speaks to the advantages of the CRI “Elite Fleet” model where the industries best drivers and service teams can remain focused on serving our customers.

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Household Goods Industry Update

This summer the household goods industry continues to face the same obstacles during peak season as in recent years. The expanding driver shortage that has challenged van lines to recruit enough drivers to handle existing volume is not only expected to continue, but worsen over the next few years. An Indeed.com study stated that "The American Truck...
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