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Testimonial Tuesday!


My name is Travis – Regional HR Manager at an Industrial Manufacturing Group. Our company and CRI have enjoyed a long partnership since 2007. We reviewed other relocation vendors, but we were just going to be a number with them. CRI makes everyone from entry-level to Senior Management feel appreciated through a very stressful time in most people’s lives when relocating.

CRI and the relocation program is an important part of the Company's on-boarding process as it is one of the few pieces that touches the entire family vs. just the employee. Within the first few days of offer acceptance and/or employment, employees and their families are forming their opinions of the new location/job.

The personalized experience that CRI provides right from the outset helps make them feel more comfortable. With many relocation companies employees can feel like a round peg being put in a square hole but CRI ensures that the employee feels engaged and is an active participant in the process.

CRI has great standard processes and procedures set up to administer our relocation program. 90% of relocations go per the standard process but there is typically a 10% deviation due to employee needs/requests that CRI is excellent in helping our company to assess and determine a course of action. Most times, CRI is proactively notifying us of these types of deviations from relocating employees that may turn into employee relation issues as well as giving us information on the costs, benefits, and unintended consequences to allow our company to make an informed decision. Relocation is stressful enough and we appreciate CRI consulting on potential issues and helping to implement creative solutions that still meet the needs of both the company and the relocating employee.

Relocation is one of those thankless activities where employees and their families are stressed for several reasons. CRI has both the right processes and people with a practical outlook on relocation that makes it as good of an experience as relocation can actually be. I would highly recommend CRI and their services!

-Travis B.
Reg. HR Man.


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