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Our top tips for Corporate relocation During the Summer

Summer often seems like the best time to move because the kids are out of school, the weather is good, and there is plenty of real estate on the market, but summer is what’s referred to in moving as the “peak season.” That means that it’s going to be more expensive, less flexible and that any given moving company will most likely be booked unless you reserve a date far in advance--a luxury that corporate professionals don’t always have.

So what to do if you have to move during the summer months? Here are some tips to ease the pain.

Tip #1 -- The Earlier the Better.

What some people don’t know is that the last week of a month is often the busiest for a mobility company. Try booking your move in the first or second week, and the earlier in the season, the better. This will give you and your movers alike some space in which to prepare thoroughly and not overwork.

Tip #2 -- Plan Ahead.

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